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A Light In The Darkness Now Available! (by mike corey)

Simply Poetry #4 (by mike corey)

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Mike Corey: Now Available (by mike corey)

Feel The Darkness (by MikeCoreyRecovary)

So here is the kickstarter project video it features Angela Lingelbach Sam Mcpeak Lenny Cowart Dakota Corey Stephen F. Vrtol Tracey Schock and Jim Wooldridge but the film would have many others such as Stacie Crawford Cody DuSavage and Ron Holm to name a few

Darkness & Light: A Kick Starter Project (by MikeCoreyRecovary)

And so as we begin to wind down this bizarre run of things I’ve done I give to you the 8 minute promo video to my film featuring the work of myself Lenny Cowart, Dakota Corey and Stephen F. Vrtol

Darkness & Light :Promo Video: (by MikeCoreyRecovary)

And then I decided I wanted to make a film based on my album with the help of quit a few people such as Lenny Cowart and local stage actor/director Stephen F. Vrtol who can be seen in this on set interview for the film

Darkness & Light - Stephen F. Vrtol III (by MikeCoreyRecovary)

O look a video I missed this should have been the first one the beginning to it all the point I realized I wanted to help others and to tell my story on top of it a small piece from the Stars Of Light

'Stars of Light' 200th performance (by rosecrancenews)